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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 14, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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also being treated i'm told, also their injuries. >> shepard: six officers shot, two officers injured in a car crash, no life-threatening injuries again in philadelphia. coverage continues now, "special report" with bret baier. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, a standoff in north philadelphia, several police officers shot. at this hour, five, at least, we are getting information. it is an active scene has are looking live in philadelphia there. david lee miller is following the breaking story from our headquarters in new york today. it is changing, really, by the minute. >> indeed it is. this is an active and ongoing shooting situation in northwestern philadelphia. a massive police response in the nice town neighborhood. the entire area at this moment is on lockdown. police are warning residents to stay away from the area. a government is holding police officers at bay and an active firefight is under way i speak.
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police are attempting to negotiate with the gunman. so far six officers have been shot, three others injured in a car accident. all are being treated at area hospitals with nonlife-threatening injuries. reports are one officer was shot in the head, another in the arm and a third in the hand. at least three officers are being treated at temple university hospital. dozens of police and emergency vehicles are on the scene and this incident is still unfolding. the emergency call came in at around 4:30 this afternoon according to audio obtained via a broadcast. it said, and i quote, "officers call for everything you got, swat, long gone" law enforcement can be heard sitting "i've got an officer shot." the police then flooded the scene and to shoot up again. if some reports that there were hundreds of shots that were fired. it is believed that this began with a narcotics call to police. the unidentified gunman continues to fire at the police officers. there are no dozens and dozens in that area.
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police have requested the media to stop broadcasting the tactical positions of the officers that are responding and local residents, though my core the immediate vicinity have been told to lie low, stay away from any windows as we said at the outset. at this time, six officers have been shot in philadelphia. so far as best we know, none have life-threatening injuries. >> bret: is important to point out. we will take a live look. we should point out we are not showing specifically -- the specific house where this is going on. authorities saying they are doing different things and i don't want the coverage pointed in that direction. we are of course abiding by that. you mentioned six police officers shot, all nonlife-threatening as of this moment. we are told from our affiliate, fox 29, that a warrant was being issued in this narcotics case at the time. there are two officers still inside. they had some suspects that they had arrested there in that house
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and the shooting is still going on. we are told a suspect shooting through walls and ceilings and that this is, as you mentioned, and active situation. let's take a listen into our affiliate, wt x avenue, fox 29. >> the entire fox 29 news team they are spread out along the scene from the hospital and this scene as well as we just heard from dave. we know six officers shot, but there are still two officers in harm's way inside that building barricaded, as we believe they were part of the team that served as a narcotics warrant and so we are going to continue to wait for them, but yes, two hours into this and there you see police are going to wait it out as long as it takes until this situation can be resolved and their top priority now keeping the public safe, but the well-being of those two officers inside who may be barricaded with as many as four suspects in an apartment -- some kind of house, not sure what kind of building it is, but there is somebody roaming freely with a gun and that's where most of
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those shots are coming from according to our fox 29 reporter jeff cole. >> obviously and extremely tense and dangerous situation, which is why police have asked people to stay out of the area. let's go to sean at wilson, who just like chris o'connell recently heard more shots being fired, right gimmick because we are varied within the past 20 minutes we heard shots fired. also just a few seconds ago we had heard shots fired. you can see behind me a very tense scene, this is at erie and 15th street where you can see several police officers on every corner here. again, the second time in the past 20 minutes that we have heard shots fired. i can tell you each time it happens police work over to try to get them to push back because they are saying they are not in a safe position. but this has been happening for the past 20 minutes. you can probably see here just to the left over here at erie and 15th with police officers lined up here alongside a building here. and farther down the road you
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can see a lot of police vehicles down there. again, a lot of people outside here watching this unfold. people looking outside their windows. the big concern with police is that people are out of the way. a situation like this, it's hard to move the crowd. people want to know what's going on. but when you hear the series of shots or you just don't know. it puts a level of seriousness in your mind of what is actually happening here as police officers are challenged with doing two huge jobs here. one of course is resolving the situation where we had several police officers shot but also a responsibility to the community to try to keep them safe as well as people tend to want to stay outside and watch this thing unfold, so again, this is 15th and erie where we are right now. police officers manning the scene here lined up on every single corner and again, the community out there, police trying to make sure everyone is safe. >> are you able to tell -- those gunshots, are they coming from police who are returning fire, are they coming from the suspects inside?
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>> reporter: we don't know. from where we are, we are not far from the scene but there are so many police vehicles just ahead of us that it's hard to see beyond that point. it's unclear where the gunfire is coming from. it is nearby and it is very loud. a series of rapid-fire, not talk about one shot, two shots, three socks, a shear of shots, the second time in the past 20 minutes. >> shawnette wilson live near 15th and erie. chris o'connell also live at the scene. what's the latest where you are, chris? >> i heard the same gunshots at shawnette was talking about just about 5 minutes ago. a series of another six or seven gunshots coming. with been here about an hour and a half -- about an hour now. we heard gunshots coming from the same gun. we don't know if it's police or the returning fire, but where we are at right now, it's about a block and a half away from where that is all going we don't want
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to go into deep and we don't want to show you tactical operations live on tv with police officers, so we are going to keep the camera a little wide because this is an ongoing situation. once again, dave no reporting six fill it officers have been shot, none of them, from what we understand, from our informatio information, is life-threatening, which is a miracle in itself. as the situation continues, we understand two release officers from the task force unit, the strike task force unit are still inside the building, still inside that house at this continues to unfold. now hostage negotiators are on the scene hopefully to get to some sort of resolve from the situation guys, once again, very serious and tense situation here in philadelphia. >> as our dave schratwieser was pointing out a little bit earlier, -- >> bret: monitoring fox 29, wt xf, our affiliate in philadelphia. shooting, ongoing situation.
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at least six police officers shot. catherine herridge joins us to fill in the blanks here. you've dealt with law enforcement. this is the team we have not only the s.w.a.t. team and the challenges of dealing with the active shooter, but you're also dealing with the people around there trying to keep the area clear. >> what would been able to confirm in the last few minutes they're one of our sources is the atf does have a tactical squad on the ground in philadelphia, but for the time being, the philadelphia police remain in the lead. as you know, one of the challenges in this situation is that we have media coverage of the event, but the photographers and the reporters have to be careful to position themselves in a way that they're not giving tips for heads up to the shooters who are still active on the scene, having away the whereabouts of these tactical squads as well as the police. it's a difficult situation for those covering it, but even more
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difficult for those people who are on the ground and still potentially caught in the cross fire. the bottom line from the washington perspective is that the atf, they've got a tactical squad on the ground in philadelphia. they are assisting, they are providing support and backup, but the philadelphia police remain in the lead. >> bret: okay, catherine, thank you very much. catherine is standing by as well as david lee miller in our new york headquarters. we have our affiliate, fox 29 wtxf and we will continue to monitor the situation as it is still an ongoing scene. we are not going to show you the exact house where it's happening. authorities are obviously trying to close in as the suspect continues to fire. we will monitor this, bring your updates throughout the show we will head back to philadelphia when warranted. ♪ also breaking tonight, new fears of a possible recession sending investors scrambling. stocks tumbling today on wall street.
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your 401(k) might be paying the price tonight. why? because the dow plunged 800 points today. 800. the s&p 500 fell 86. the nasdaq dropped 242. let's look at what's behind the latest concerns about a possible economic downturn not only here, but around the world. from the fox business network joins us tonight. fittingly, you were on last night talking about china. this is a little bit more dismal picture as far as the markets. what's behind it? >> you know, it's interesting, concerns today started early. you're right, what a difference a day makes. investors actually woke up this morning to fresh signs of an economic slow down. first thing we saw was the data from overseas. industrial production is slowing in china and the economy in germany, we learned, is now contracting. but the real offer came in from the u.s. bond market. the interest rate on 10-year treasury bonds today briefly fell below the rate on to your bonds. in a normal world an investor
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would be expected to take on morning -- longer maturities, but now the opposite is occurring, just as it did before there were sessions that hit in 1991, 2001 and 2008 among others. with that, the selling really picked up throughout the day in the stock market. worst day of the year for the dow. it wiped out the gains from yesterday, largely driven by president trump's decision to delay new tariffs on china. today some commentators blame the president trade policies for slowing growth expectations. at the white house though, a different culprit was in the spotlight. >> the biggest problem we are fighting right now at the white house as the federal reserve's interest rate policy. we lost almost a point of growth in q2 simply because the fed had raised interest rates too far. >> on twitter, president trump followed up this afternoon with these comments of his own on the fed. they raise too much and too
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fast, he said. now too slow to cut, the spread is way too much. others countries say thank you. germany and many others are playing the game, we should easily be reaping big rewards in the gains, but the fed is holding us back." it was sell first, ask questions later today. financial stocks, consumer discretionary names led the big declines. the department store chain macy's cut its outlook early in the day and that stock fell 13%. so now we wait, we see what happens next and investors certainly are looking for possible action from the federal reserve but they are also anticipating an important earnings report tomorrow morning on the consumer. from the retail giant walmart. that's before the opening bell. >> bret: quickly, you put up the bond charts and a yield and how previously that has led or forecasted if possible recession, but you look at the world economy.
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u.s. is still the place where the flight is coming, where they are investing because the u.s. is strong. >> it's a very good point and it's one of the arguments some experts are making to say that, hey, maybe this time is different. that although in the past when we've had the soap book called inverted yield curve that has led to recession because the u.s. is on that island and that's when the money is flowing, maybe we can avoid it. we'll see. >> bret: thank you very much. our latest fox news poll indicates half of the respondents feel they are holding steady enough personal financial situation. 26% say they are falling behind, 22% think they're getting ahead. the numbers match similar results from almost a year ago. the trump administration is expressing deep concerns over reports of chinese paramilitary movement along the hong kong border. satellite imagery showing at least 500 vehicles mass, china side of the territory while in chinese territory, another day of fighting between protesters and riot police.
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the state department has issued a travel advisory urging increased caution over what he calls civil unrest in hong kong. fox team coverage, kevin corke in new jersey as lawmakers and others voice growing worries over the situation. we begin though with susan lee of the fox business network in hong kong tonight. hello, susan. >> good evening to you, brett. protesters are back on the streets of hong kong after a court injunction pretty much banned protesters. instead, hundreds are messing in a rural part just across the waterway here and pretty much near the end of the subway line. they were greeted not shortly after with the hong kong police. we did see familiar scenes and teargas and once again. according to reports, being provoked by the hong kong protesters who were aiming their laser beams directly at hong kong police. >> the hong kong police have always facilitated peaceful and
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orderly protest through the years but the extreme radical and violent acts have certainly crossed the mind. most severely condemned. >> asked for the conduct of the hong kong police force, this video has gone viral in the city of hong kong. it shows a cop yesterday during the altercation that hong kong airport drawing his weapon and pointing it squarely at hong kong protesters and it calls into question the use of force in subduing these protesters. as for hong kong airport, the world's eighth busiest back open for business, handling the 1100 cargo passenger flights that they do each and every day and also catching up on the hundreds of flights that have been canceled and passengers that have been stranded. and finally, an interesting rising symbol of these protests, again being flown tonight, the american flag, which protesters say depict and symbolize freedom and democracy and probably an
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irritant as well. >> bret: susan lee early in the morning and hong kong. thank you. the trump administration is urging all sides to engage peacefully and refrain from violence. also doing its best to warn china saying hong kong protesters have legitimate concerns about the erosion of their autonomy and the breaking of promises by china. correspondent kevin corke is at the presidential compound in new jersey tonight. >> deeply concerned. that's how the u.s. state department is describing its position regarding the ongoing unrest in hong kong. chinese forces are messing near hong kong's border there are increasing concerns there and in washington that history will repeat itself when a previous primate stomach trainings are present, the one at tiananmen square in 1989, was squelched violently by the chinese government. then, as now, suspicions in beijing with suggestions that washington is the "black hand" behind the city's violence.
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the state department said today that hong kongers had broad and considerable concerns. adding bubbly we categorically reject the charge at the black and behind the protest. the complicated orders or they scene powers grow ever closer economically and get on many fronts remain worlds apart. even as president trump, who has long hailed his close relationship with china's president xi jinping try to walk a political and diplomatic tightrope with trade, the confliction in the south china sea and negotiations with north korea while hanging in the balance. but on capitol hill, there was little nuance with leaders from both parties, placing blame for the chaos squarely on beijing. if america does not speak out for human rights in china because of commercial interests, said house speaker nancy pelosi in a statement, we lose all moral authority to speak out elsewhere. added senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, hong kongers
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"know the truth about exactly who it was possible for inciting chaos, the rest of the world knows too." regardless of when or how the situation as a result, there could be long-term consequences for u.s.-china relations. still, with a rare broad bipartisan support to sharply criticize beijing's approach, there appears to be litter so my little appetite to de-escalate the rhetoric. this is the world watches, waits, and in many corners, worries. >> policy experts tell us it is obviously imperative that the chinese government wrap this unrest up in hong kong by october 1st. that's the 70th anniversary of the founding of modern-day china. it is clear the government in beijing would like to have no distractions from hong kong as they try to celebrate that. bret. >> bret: kevin corke traveling with the president. kevin, thank you in new jersey. going back to our lead story, the breaking news out of philadelphia. again, we have six billy police
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officers according to the philadelphia police department. if it all started with a warrant that was being issued in the narcotics case. the suspect, one believed to still be inside shooting. we're just getting getting word from fox 29, the philly police have told them the suspect has been live streaming the shooting police officers on facebook. if we do not know if that has been taken down as of yet, but that's coming from philly police. hundreds of rounds have been fired. again, six officers shot, all nonlife-threatening injuries we are being told at this hour. let's listen back in to wtxf, fox 29. the breaking story, northern philadelphia. >> tough to hear, but i can hear them as i'm speaking to you, a lot of yelling going on up the block where we believe that all of this is unfolding. the community is still out here watching as well, along with the media. police continue to come over and ask people to not stand here. then, i want to mention again they are charged with two tasks,
3:20 pm
resolving issue and keeping the community safe because people want to be out and watch what is happening. a very dangerous though as we've been talking about over the past hour, the series of shots that we've been hearing, but still lots of officers on standby in case this thing begins to ramp up here, but again, it's tough to hear what they are saying. we can just imagine that maybe it's some negotiating that we are hearing over the loudspeaker out there, but not for certain. again, haven't heard any gunfire since we last spoke to you, just the loud talking over the speaker. the lease remain on guard waiting to see what happens is they try to resolve this. >> i want to reiterate what shawnette just said, this is not the time for people living in area to head out and see what all the commotion is. this is a very dangerous situation. as far as we know, still active, 20, 25 minutes ago. a tweet update from temple university just a few minutes ago that the lockdown remains in effect. this is very close to their health sciences center campus so they are acting everyone to stay
3:21 pm
indoors, stay away from windows. they will continue tweeting out updates as well as we will continue bringing them. >> bret: let's bring back correspondent david lee miller following a story from our new york headquarters. david, we are still in an active situation here and still at six officers shot and nonthreatening injuries? because that's right. new updated source and telling rick leventhal that a couple of officers serving that warrant our trapped inside the home with the shooters and with the police are referring to as the bad guys and they are shooting up through the floor. gunshots continue to be heard in a situation, active and ongoing in north philadelphia. a massive police response can be seen on the ground and the nice town neighborhood. the entire area continues to be on lock down. police are warning residents to stay away from the area. at least we are told six officers have been shot. two others injured in a car accident while they are being
3:22 pm
treated with nonlife-threatening injuries. sources telling rick leventhal rick leventhal -- sing "no worries, all fairly minor." one of those was reported to be a graze in the head, one in hand. if the hand may be the worst injury. emergency calls came in at about 4:30 this afternoon and as we said earlier, this was apparently a narcotics call. police flooded the scene and that's when the shoot-out began. there are some reports that hundreds and hundreds of cash continues to fire at this moment of dozens of police officers and police have requested the meeting to start broadcasting the tactical positions of the officers. that means many of the pictures that you're now looking at will be shot at a considerable distance in order to protect the location of those officers who are now trying to bring this event to an end. >> bret: david lee miller, thank you.
3:23 pm
you look live in philadelphia. continue to monitor the situation throughout the show and also continue to get to the other news of the day throughout the u.s. and around the world. ♪ and america's election headquarters tonight, one democratic presidential candidate may be preparing to drop out. another is attempting a relaunch. and the third is talking about a prospective running mate alread already. all this happens a senator elizabeth warren klotz to get republican voters on her side. correspondent peter doocy has all the news from the iowa state fair in des moines. >> elizabeth warren has a question. >> how many people think that a wealth tax is a good idea? >> enough for her to feel encouraged an answer. >> here's the thing, a lot of hands go up here, a lot of hands go up among republicans too appear to the way warren sees it, some of the republicans will supporter because she has so many progressive plans, not because they are remorseful about backing from an '16.
3:24 pm
>> i don't need the remorse, i just want to vote. >> another rival is looking past primary and carcasses to a potential running mate. kamala harris said she would consider stacy abrams, who recently told "the new york times" "i would be honored to be considered by any nominee." abrams isn't running for president, but the campaign trail still gets more crowded tomorrow because beto o'rourke is back. >> i will return to the campaign trail. >> the congressman has been grieving alongside locals in his hometown of el paso ever since the mass murder at a walmart there. >> we will not be made afraid. >> before he leaves texas, he will outline the way forward for his presidential bid as he and john hickenlooper have resisted calls to stop running for president and start running for senate in texas or colorado. now "the new york times" reports john hickenlooper is starting to think about it, which adds context to this comment about a recent phone call with senate minority leader chuck schumer. figure i told chuck this, my
3:25 pm
focus as long as i'm running for president, i have to be focusedn running for president. >> as he considers a plan b, bernie sanders is questioned by cardi b. >> our nails are just a little bit different. >> yes. >> that's a first this cycle. at a nail salon together, and it could be a game changer because for years the foundation of his platform has been medicare for all. maybe now we can add manicure for all. bret. >> bret: you have the best lines, peter. peter doocy at the iowa state fair. thanks. we are monitoring the breaking news out of philadelphia. a serious situation as a shooter continues a rampage, if you will. a narcotics warrant being issued, shooting still going on. the life pictures were bringing,
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six officers shot, fortunately, miraculously perhaps, nonlife-threatening injuries per focht on my stomach so far according to authorities. we are watching all of this as it's going down, fox 29 on top of it, w texas f in philadelphi philadelphia. house minority leader kevin mccarthy on gun control, immigration, hong kong, and exclusive review as we continue to watch the breaking news on fox news. look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you know that look? that life of the party look. walk it off look. one more mile look.
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>> bret: congress will have a lot to deal with when lawmakers return from their summer recess. gun control at the top of the democrat's agenda. was also obviously immigration reform and everyone is keeping an eye on hong kong, north korea and iran. tonight we have a lot to talk about with house minority leader kevin mccarthy of california. he is on a trip and israel. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> bret: let's start on your trip, what you're taking from it and what you're doing there. >> 31 of the republican members over and we are walking through israel, our greatest ally in the middle east, the only country in the middle east that is a democracy. met with the prime minister, prime minister of the palestinian authority. we are up at the border of lebanon looking has blouse tunnels that they have recently discovered coming across over into israel. it gives you a very clear understanding of the challenges for a peace process here but it's a way that a lot of the new
3:31 pm
freshman can see it on the ground and we actually made a bipartisan. steny hoyer and i make sure the democrats and republicans came together for a number of days here in israel to look at the challenges together and understand how do we maintain this bond and even grow it. >> bret: use it this is bipartisan but on this trip you've also expressed her concerns about "the squad," the freshman democrats who you say they are taking the democratic party away from israel. explain that. >> if you look at it, they did not come on the trip with their colleagues. secondly, if you look at the anti-semitism that has been growing around the world, we haven't seen something like this since the 1930s, and the actions that they have taken in congress itself, whereas the senate passed as one, it's the stopping of the boycott and sanctions against israel. that bill passed the senate overwhelmingly. chuck schumer not only voted it stomach for it, he cosponsored it. but when it came to the house they couldn't pass the bill.
3:32 pm
they moved a resolution and much of that was to do about this new movement of this new socialist democratic. look at bernie sanders, look at kamala harris, wouldn't even go to the aipac meeting this year inside washington. unheard of in the process that's been going forward. a number of democrats that still stand with israel, but this new socialist democrat group has a much different belief. >> bret: axios is reporting that the president told american advisors, including senior administration officials, that congresswoman omar and tlaib should be barred from going to israel. the administration is not commenting, israel is not boring but any thought on that? you think the president had those beliefs? >> i never had the president say that to me. but the one thing that should have happened, they should have come with their colleagues. they should've come together where they could have a meeting with israel, with the palestinian authority, with those who were running at the same time.
3:33 pm
you would get every view that you wanted to see. as long as you come with an open mind, open eyes and open ears, i think you have a responsibility to come here to have an understanding. >> bret: 's talk about the other issues of the day that are pressing. the house speaker calling for action on gun control legislation. take a listen. >> we must pass gun prevention legislation. every day we lose lives. and now public sentiment must weigh in to save lives, to pass our bill to look at high-capacity magazines that could be eliminated as well. >> bret: that bill did pass the house, eight republicans voted for it. you voted no on this background check bill that included other things. it's now sitting in the senate. what do you think the senate should do? >> i think the senate should actually passable it actually works. you got to understand what has this last congress done? when we saw a shooting like in parkland where that
3:34 pm
individual -- whenever want to say his name, the fbi was warned not once, but twice months ahead of time and no action was taken. we saw that shooting in texas at a church. what happened there was the national criminal background check failed. it was our own military that no longer gave me information so we change that. when you look at the bump stop that came through during the obama administration, the trump administration took that back. we would actually like to see something that works. we are willing to work with anybody. we want to make sure we protect our due process but we also want to protect the americans who should have these weapons as well. >> bret: the president has said he wanted to see meaningful background checks on tuesday. he said mitch mcconnell wants something to happen. you voted against that bill in the house. do you think something will happen? >> because that bill does not give you meaningful background checks. you could write a bill that
3:35 pm
actually does that, and i am more than willing to sit down with anyone at work on it. i've reached out to mitch as well, mcconnell, to find a way that we can work on that. spoken to the president numerous times, we want a process that works. we also want to process that we have bills -- we have laws today that aren't enforced. the number of people who try to buy a weapon who do not legally have the right to do it, less than 8% of those are even prosecuted today. >> bret: want to go through a couple of issues very quickly. one is your concern about what's happening in hong kong and what potential of the u.s. could or could not do about it. >> first of all america should stand with those who believe in freedom. it's a fundamental part of our country. america is more than a country, we are an idea, an idea of self-governance. remember, this was the 30-year anniversary of tiananmen square. watch the tanks rolled into the millions of people who did up and build like the statue of liberty, just the idea of freedom of speech. what's happening in china today,
3:36 pm
every single person in china gets a social score. they are denied whether they can file a plane if they don't speak the way the government wants them to. inside hong kong with those who are standing for freedom, i want them to know that america stands with you. the same that we stand with the shipyard workers in poland in the foster 80s, the same reason that we stand with those in venezuela that claim freedom as well. >> bret: the president is appearing to back off plans to commute the sentence of former illinois governor rod blagojevich. is that a push from house republicans? >> i'm not sure exactly where and another president never said he was, he was actually analyzing it. i don't think the president should release the former governor. i think it's 4 out of 5 of the last governors of illinois have been in jail and have been in jail because they stood before and had a jury of their peers make a decision. i think they should serve their time and i think that's correct that the president makes that decision to make them continue to surface time. >> bret: the southern border issue, democrats expressing concern about eminent domain
3:37 pm
saying we are troubled by the lack of transparency, particularly concerned given landowners whose property was seized during proverb though my prior border barrier construction efforts told congress they did not receive just compensation for their land, they would like to know what's happening this time with efforts to build a wall. >> the democrats aren't concerned about that. they are more concerned about having open borders. i've never understood the situation where you can see a crisis. any hearings in judiciary about this? is of any action? now that democrats are concerned about eminent domain or private property, i think that's far, far from it because i haven't seen them care about that before. all they are concerned about is having an open borders system which is not -- we want to have legal immigration system and we want one that actually works. >> bret: your colic representative steve king was talking to a conservative club wednesday and he said that
3:38 pm
humanity might not exist at all if not for rape and throughout human history. if you pulled out a product for rape would there be any population with connectivity problems with that? >> this is the first time i've had concerns with what steve king said. earlier in this congress, other things -- i do not believe the party of lincoln with stanford. as the united congress done my conference we actually moved removed steve king from his committee since i congress and this continues to show why that action was taken. >> bret: we appreciate your time, safe travels on your trip. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: recapping are stopped on my top story now, at least six police officers have been shot during a standoff in north philadelphia. you're looking like there. the injuries are set at this hour to be nonlife-threatening. two officers are said to be barricaded in a building. two suspects also pinned down in that structure.
3:39 pm
however, one suspect is said to be at large the building. he or she was the one firing through the ceiling and through the walls. police are telling us people who live in this area, stay inside, don't go out. this is an active situation. they've asked helicopters to move out of the area due to the ongoing gunfire. we've been monitoring the situation throughout the show. we will keep you updated. up next, the panel comes in. new poles on gun control and the president's approval. breaking news tonight. over adversity. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you know and trust. humira citrate-free is here. a little change can make a big difference.
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♪ >> we must have gun violence prevention legislation. we need to do it soon. we've sent the bill over to the senate. >> the senate should actually pass a bill that actually works. >> that bill does not give you meaningful background checks. >> many to fight against mitch mcconnell by asking. it we need a vote on it right now. if we had about today we could pass universal background check
3:44 pm
checks. >> background checks and i do too i think a lot of republicans do. i don't know, frankly, that the democrats will get us there. >> bret: talking about background checks, the bill that's pending in the senate. the president saying he wants to push mitch mcconnell to do it. you fox poll's are tonight about proposals to reduce gun violence, require background checks, 90% of those polled favor that. take guns from at-risk people. 81%. it ban weapons, you see those are high numbers. the president's job performance taking a dip a few points from july and you can see the disapproval there at 56%. let's bring in our panel. marc theissen, susan page, and tom bevan, monitoring the situation in philadelphia. six police officers shot in north philadelphia. what about the prospects here, mark, for some bipartisan deal on this?
3:45 pm
>> the problem with background checks is -- first of all we do have background checks. they are tied much dramatically expanding background checks. for example, if i give my gun to my neighbor whose husband has been beating her to protect yourself, i have to do a background check on her. it would criminalize that. it's not quite as simple as that. this is also a ridiculous debate, because background checks wouldn't have stopped the shootings. it had nothing to do with what happened in el paso or dayton. what could have stopped that are red, red flag laws. fox news poll, which we just go got. but something more we have really strong bipartisan support. 88% of democrats and 75% of republicans support red flag laws. the problem seems to be whatever these mass shootings happen, the democrats do two things, they blame republicans and they try and politicize it and they go for gun control measures that have nothing to do with the shooting. focusing in a bipartisan way on think they could actually prevent future shootings. >> bret: susan? >> back on checks wouldn't stop
3:46 pm
every student, background checks would stop some shootings. if you look at the disconnect there, overwhelming majority support all three of these measures, including renewing the ban on assault-style weapons. fewer than one in five in your pole say they think congress and the white house will actually pass any of these laws despite the support that is there for that. >> bret: fox poll, rather work within a country where it's legal to own guns or where guns are banned and you look at legal or own guns at 57%. it will come back. this is a political issue that always comes back to that moment. >> yeah. what's interesting too -- excuse me -- is democrats and republicans the polls show our living into separate universes. democrats to the problem behind the gun issue is easy access to guns and white nationalism. if those of the top two things. republicans, meanwhile, say it's mental illness and parenting issues. there isn't very much common ground in terms of where the parties feel the core of the problem is and that's why i
3:47 pm
think we're looking at -- it's going to be tough to get 60 votes in the senate. >> bret: but in reality, if the president is pushing for, if mitch mcconnell says -- could potentially something get done even if it doesn't deal with everything marc is talking about? >> right now it seems the red flag la might have the best chance because you have bipartisan support in the senate. if the president gets behind that, as marc pointed out, there is broad public support for it. maybe that's one area where something could get done. >> bret: shortened panels because of the breaking news in north philadelphia, six police officers shot. we are monitoring still an active shooter situation, getting updates here. we will bring it to you on the other side of the break. we will talk about the economy, what happened today on wall street and china, next. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from anyone else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer.
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♪ >> bret: wouldn't wait to be the company that they are cheering on this day? it was not a good day. the dow taking a drop of 849 points and the other industries didn't do much better across the board. a lot of fears about possible recession.
3:52 pm
it's in the weeds but essentially has been an indicator before of recessions to come. meantime, the president tweeting out just moments ago about china and the concerns about china. there you see on the screen, there eating the tariffs with devaluation of their currency, pouring money into their system. the american consumer is fine with or without the september date, but much good will come from the short delay. deferral to december, it actually helps china more than us but will be reciprocated. millions of jobs are being lost to china and other nonturf countries. thousands of countries are leaving. let them work humanely with hong kong first. back with the panel, susan, the president delaying these tariffs, but clearly there's a concern about the economy overall. globally and here. >> the china trade war has been part of the concerns about the economy. it's interesting at the end of that tweet that he suggests that he will tie tariffs to what
3:53 pm
happened in hong kong. that is different. that goes further than what he's done. that is a new step e signaling there. >> bret: marc? >> that's a good step in the right direction because his neutrality in hong kong so far has been terrible. first of all, from a moral perspective, this is like where people are rising up and people didn't support him and having a redux of that. and two, it's not smart negotiating strategy. given them to squeeze him everywhere they are vulnerable, including hong kong. xi jinping is an advice. hong kong is the golden goose. the chinese economy is stagnating and some people would say contracting. trump's tariffs are hitting them hard. if he tracks, cracks down in hong kong, you're going to see capital flight, you're going to see talent flight. if you're going to seek real problems there. so trump should be using this both from a moral standpoint to stand with people hong kong, but also if he's seen as weak and not pressuring him, he's not
3:54 pm
going to get a good trade deal. >> bret: this was 30 years after tiananmen square. this is a big moment for hong kong and for china. and for the global economy. if he is doing that tie with this. >> hong kong is -- it is the dual and once trust is lost in hong kong as a capital market, financing market, all of that, it's not coming back. china is in a very precarious position, they don't want this to escalate. it looks like things of the escalated in the past, just in the past few hours. but after the markets -- look, market watchers will tell you they hate to see the market and on a download to note. they always want to see an uptick. the bond market has people really rattled and so we could be in for a rough ride. >> bret: there are some people talking the country into recession when we get into politics, but when you start seeing the signals, it does send out flyers. >> it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy people become very
3:55 pm
concerned. they will make economic decisions to protect themselves that make it more likely there will be a recession. >> bret: when we come back, something to make you feel good. ♪ but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? dexperience thrillingn operformance.o
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new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before. dr. scholl's. born to move. >> bret: finally tonight, a random act of kindness. >> you can wear it to church. if you don't like it -- >> bret: uber driver picked up diane for work in buffalo, new york. found out she had some financial struggles. if diane a new dress for church and a pair of shoes. they were just chatting in the car but she would not be able to afford them until christmas. after dropping her off, she decided to get her a new dress and a $50 visa gift card, a random act of kindness, and that's just for the good. after the day like today with all these stories and all these things, without we would leave with puppies because you should
4:00 pm
just cease and puppies to finish the show. and puppies can make you smile. that's a good thing. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "the story" seven, fair, balanced and unafraid, "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now with a lot of news. >> martha: thank you very much, bret. good to see you tonight. busy night, as bret has said, and there is a fox news alert. active and ongoing shooting situation is unfolding at this moment in philadelphia. police say several officers have been shot. six is the number we have at the hospital right now. this is what the scene looks like. there has been a massive police presence in the area where there have been reports and witnesses were over 100 gunshots were heard and police say the suspect is still in the house. this is a narcotics bust. i believe two officers are in the house and the suspect is continuing to shoot. they are barricade


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